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As promised, here is another story, this one fiction based upon what I gather is true, from the perspective of my wife's, friend's, ex-boyfriend. Enjoy!

I had been dating Jackie for a few months when the subject of foot fetish came up. Jackie was never shy about her sexuality and didn't think twice when I finally admitted my attraction to her feet. Jackie was twenty at the time, dark blonde hair and green eyes, 5'00" even, slim and toned build with cute size 5 feet that she kept pedicured all the time. I first really took notice of her feet when I was visiting her she apologized for walking around with her toes still separated by those little toes separators women use when giving themselves a pedicure. She commented how her feet needed to look nice for me and that was that! I knew that I had found a women who would accept my fetish...and boy did she! As our relationship grew, Jackie was very accepting of my fetish and it became a part of our life. Jackie used to give me great FJ's and I was in heaven. Little did I know the fantasy that would be fulfilled thanks to Jackie's open views on sex.

Jackie had a best friend named Debbie. Debbie was tall, about 5'10", slim and very attractive, blonde hair and blue eyes...she was really into bike riding and competed in some bike marathons. Talk about great legs!!! One afternoon, Debbie came over to visit Jackie as she had many times before. I had noticed Debbie's feet on several occasions and noted that she kept her perfect size 10's pedicured just like Jackie's. On this particular day, Debbie mentioned to Jackie that she was due for a pedicure and thought they could do their nails. As it turned out, this was a ritual for them. They would sit together on the front porch and pedicure themselves. Well, needless to say, I was instantly hard. The next 30 minutes were heaven as I watched them pedicure themselves with a sexy, bright pink. The color accentuated by the tans that both had maintained over the summer.

After Debbie finished, they visited for a while and Debbie left. Jackie immediately walked over to me and told me she wanted to give me a FJ, something she did often on a whim. She took me downstairs and sat me on the floor next to the sofa and sat above me. I could smell the Peppermint lotion she had just rubbed on her feet during her pedicure. As she slowly placed her soft feet on my very erect member, which I had taken out of my pants on her command, she looked me in the eyes and said,

"I saw you looking at Debbie's feet. You like them, don't you?"

"Yes." I answered. "They are very pretty. Does that bother you?"

"No." She answered "I think it's cute. I saw you look and I know what you were thinking, it's OK."

"What do you mean?" I said, feeling a rush of excitement, the feeling accentuated by the feel of Jackie's feet resting on my hardness.

"I know you probably wonder what it would feel like if she touched you with her feet." Jackie said. "I am amazed that you didn't burst your pants sitting there looking at her feet. It was obvious that you were looking at them, but it's OK. Debbie and I talk about everything and she knows what I do to you. She thinks it's different but kinda cute."

"Well' I admitted, "I do wonder what it would feel like. I mean, I guess that is every guys fantasy, to have another women do something. I'm sorry if I shouldn't have said that."

"It's OK." Jackie said. "Maybe someday I will get her to do it to you. So just sit back, relax and let me give you a foot job. Watch my toes on you and think of how it might feel if I did get Debbie to do this to you."

With that, Jackie started to wiggle her lotioned toes on me, slowly at first, then faster and faster until I could not contain myself. The images of Debbie and Jackie's bare feet and perfectly pedicured toes side by side was too much to take. I thought of Jackie's comment that Debbie might someday do that and lost control. Wave after wave of pleasure raked my body as I shot my load under Jackie's wildly dancing toes. Each time she scrunched toes she hit the sensitive spots on my shaft and I shuddered with pleasure.

After it was over she looked at me a said, "I am serious about Debbie. You know how open I am with stuff and I WILL ask her to do this someday." Jackie ran her soft soles over my chest and stomach, pausing the try and tickle me around my belly botton, and again brushing her foot along my shaft and down to my balls. Little did I know that she WAS serious and that my dream was about to come true.

Written by IFlyFA18s

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