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Certainly, many who have a foot fetish may at times feel as though foot fetish is not all that mainstream and that we are somewhat of an underground culture. Nonetheless; evidence of the acceptance of the female foot as a beautiful, sensual part of the body is all around us in ladies open shoes, ankle bracelets, toes rings and pedicures. So it was with me until I was fortunate to meet Debbie, the woman who would become my wife.

Tall at 5'10', with an athletic, fit and very attractive body, her stunning blonde hair and blue eyes make her a real head turner. In addition, she has beautiful hands and of course, very sexy feet with long, soft, sensuous toes. Since the start of our relationship I had built the courage to explain my attraction to her feet. Thankfully, it is a "fetish" that she has been very willing to indulge and in fact takes great pleasure in. This is the story from yesterday.

I was at home after a number of days working odd hours. Our children were in school and we were home alone for most of the day. We had been sitting watching television and just relaxing together when she excused herself for a few minutes. Debbie was dressed in a cute dark blue, button up, sleeveless blouse, white capri pants and matching blue sandals. As usual, she was wearing a gold ankle bracelet on her left ankle along with a gold toe ring on her left foot next to her big toe. Her toes were impeccably pedicure in a medium pink.

She returned a few minutes later and stood next to me, placing her left foot on my knee. As she looked down at me she said, "I was thinking you could use a little attention in the bedroom. Come with me." Needless to say, I followed her without hesitation. When I walked into the bedroom, I saw that Debbie had placed several pillows on the floor next to the bed and she directed me to take my clothes off and sit on the pillows with my legs under the bed and my back resting comfortably on a pillow against the wall. She sat above me and crossed her left leg over her right and looked me in the eyes and said, "I thought you might like a nice, long Footjob. I hope you are comfortable because you are going to be here for a while."

Debbie held her foot in front of me and flexed and wiggled her toes in her shoes, asking me if I liked her nail color and her toe ring. She went on to tell me that she couldn't wait to put her toes on me and start to wiggle. After a little more teasing, she slowly slipped her shoes off and began running her toes down my chest and onto my stomach, where she paused to wiggle her toes on my stomach and softly run the tips of her toes along my sides and down my thighs. This made me very sensitive and somewhat ticklish, not to mention what it did for my very erect @#%$. I felt as if I was going to burst out of my skin!

Somewhere in all of this, I told her how much I loved it when she did this to me and how thankful I was that she didn't think I was weird for liking it. Debbie replied that is was not weird and that other people did it as part of their normal sex lives. Just like a handjob or blow job, she said that a Footjob was very sensual and normal as the foot was capable of so much. I persisted and said that I was still unsure of how others view this and how some would think of this as perverted. With that, she said, "Jackie (her best friend) knows we do this and she used to do it also. So you shouldn't feel strange about it. Why do you think I didn't bat an eye when you told me about liking my feet? I have always kept my feet nice. Jackie and I used to sit at her house and do our nails." She continued. "Jackie always said that we needed to keep our feet looking good because men looked at feet. Back then I didn't know much about it but Jackie explained it to me because she used to do it to her boyfriend."

I was amazed to hear this and it heightened my arousal. I was curious, so I asked, "She knows we do this?" "Of course she does," Debbie replied, "she even caught you looking at her feet once." She laughed. I was embarrassed at having been caught looking at Jackie's feet and tried to stammer an explanation. "Don't be silly," Debbie said "she thought it was cute. She actually offered to give you a Footjob but I have not had a chance to take her up on the offer." I was stunned to hear this and asked, "What? You're kidding. Why would she do that and why would you even think of that?" The answer bowled me over, "Because she sort of owes me one." Debbie said.

"I never told you this, but a long time ago, Jackie was dating a guy who was into her feet." Debbie explained. "She used to give him Footjobs and her would be around when we were doing our toes. One day he told her that he thought I had sexy feet and that he wondered what my feet would feel like on him since Jackie has shorter toes than I do. Jackie, who has always been very confident with herself, told me about it and I said I would not mind surprising him with a Footjob. A few days later, he was over at her house and was in the basement watching TV with her. I rang the doorbell and Jackie let me in and told me to go down and do it to him. So I went downstairs while she stayed upstairs. I told him to sit on the floor just like you are now, and I gave him a Footjob. It was no big deal and he exploded really quickly. After that, Jackie always said she owed me."

This story just floored me and I didn't know what to say. With that, Debbie could tell that I was ready to explode without even being touched. She said, "I am going to show you what it was like for him. Look at my feet." She showed me her soft soles and wrinkled them for me, showing me the undersides of her toes, wiggling. "That is going to be on you in a minute," she said "just like it was for Jackie's boyfriend."

Debbie then took a bottle of baby oil she keeps for giving me Footjobs, and poured some on my hardness. She slowly crossed her left leg over again (she is very talented especially with the left foot as it allows her big toe to hit a sensitive spot I have on the left side of my shaft.) and held her foot inches above me. "I am going to count from ten and then put my bare foot on you. Then I will rest a few minutes so you can feel my foot on you. Maybe I'll twitch my toes a bit just to make you suffer a little, but I am not going to make you Cum yet."

She counted from ten and slowly I felt the warmth of her soft sloes and her long, sensual toes on me. I gasped as I felt her toes trembling and twitching, knowing what she was about to do to me. Debbie said, "Can you picture me doing this to Jackie's boyfriend? I have had these toes on someone else but wasn't sure how you'd feel about it. Just think that someday I am going to have Jackie pay me back by doing this to you. But right need to feel me wiggle my toes on you."

With that, she started counting. When she finished, she looked at me and said, "Are you ready? Are you really ready to feel me wiggle my toes? Do you feel my bare feet on you, ready to wiggle my toes? Here I go. Get ready....Three, two, I go." Finally, I felt those long toes start to wiggle and scrunch up on my, slowly at first...then faster and faster.

The feel of those sexy toes on my hard shaft was too much and I felt as though I was in another world. Her long toes danced around my shaft, wiggling and squeezing along my shaft, sliding around in a feeling of ecstasy as the oil made me slippery and helped her toes move about. As I was about to come, I felt the tips of the toes from her right foot gently caress the lower part of my balls and finally, I couldn't contain myself. I exploded so hard that a stream of Cum shot up to my shoulder and onto the wall. Wave after wave of pleasure racked my body and she kept going until I was spent beyond anything I have ever experienced before, and I was left breathless on the floor.

Debbie moved her feet to my stomach and again tickled my stomach with her feet, wiggling her toes into me. She looked at me and said, "I hope you liked that. Leave the pillows there because I want to do this to you again later if you don't mind." Needless to say, I left the pillows there.

I hope you enjoyed the story. If you have, I will try and write a few more as time permits.

Written by IFlyFA18s

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