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I hope you enjoyed the first part of this story. Here is part Two, written from the perspective of Greg, Jackie's ex-boyfriend.

It was a warm, summer afternoon. Jackie and I had been hanging around the house all day and I had just given her a foot rub as I did very often. I was looking forward to the afternoon as I knew that Jackie's friend, Debbie, was about to come over and visit for a while. Jackie knew I had a thing for Debbie's feet and liked to watch them do their weekly pedicures. Just after noon, Debbie arrived. 5'10 and with stunning good looks, her blonde hair and blue eyes really shined with her perfect tan. Debbie was wearing short white shorts with a red, short sleeve blouse. On her feet were matching slip on sandals that showed off her perfect feet.

Jackie and Debbie sat down and Debbie slipped her shoes off. "I smell Peppermint." Debbie said. "Yes." Jackie replied, Greg just gave me a wonderful foot massage with the lotion." The comment made me flush and I felt some embarrassment, but I let it go.

"I am sure he wouldn't mind giving you a foot massage, Debbie." Jackie said as I felt the swelling in my loins. They must be kidding, I thought.

"Oh, that would be nice." Debbie said. "You don't mind if he does that?" Debbie asked Jackie.

"Not at all." Jackie said. "I told you he has a thing for feet." Surprisingly, I didn't know what to do. Here I was, presented with the perfect opportunity to touch the feet of this goddess, and I was frozen with fear!

"You're serious?" Is all I could muster the courage to say, as the lump in my throat matched the one in my pants.

"Yes, I am." Jackie said. "It's OK. I don't mind."

"OK." I said. And with that I sat between them as Debbie placed her feet in my lap. I was careful not to let her feet touch my crotch as I was not sure how she would react if she felt that I was hard. So, I took the Peppermint lotion and massaged her feet, taking the time to rub each of her perfect, long toes and her soft, sexy arches. I rubbed her calfs as she moaned and said how good it felt. I did this for about ten minutes as my hands were shaking and my legs were weak. I felt the wetness of my own pre-cum in my pants as Debbie wiggled her toes. One foot resting on my thigh while I massaged the other.

"You are very good at this." Said Debbie.

Jackie replied for me, "I told you he has a foot thing and loves to do this. I reward him well for doing it for me. I'll make sure he gets his reward for taking care of you."

"That sounds like fun." Debbie said. "Guess we'd better do our nails now since I have to meet someone later. I want to make sure my feet look nice for him just like you always say Jackie."

Debbie looked at me and asked, "Guys look at feet, don't they Greg?"

"Yes, I guess so." I replied weakly

"OK then. Just checking." She said with a wink. With that, Jackie and Debbie gave themselves a hot pedicure, finished with a sexy red polish. When they finished, Debbie held her foot out and pointed her toes at me and asked if I liked the color.

"Of course." I replied. "Red is sexy."

"Good." Debbie replied. "I hope he likes it. Thanks for the foot massage, Greg. Maybe I can get another one some other time?"

"Sure." I replied

"Make sure you 'Thank' Greg for me Jackie!" Debbie laughed as she slipped her sandals on and walked out the door.

"Well?" Jackie turned to me and asked "What did you think?"

I didn't know how to reply, I just sat there, still hard from the experience, the thought of Debbie's bare feet in my hands.

"Well, you heard Debbie. I need to make sure you are 'Thanked' for the massage. Let's go to the basement so I can do that." Jackie said.

With that, we headed down to the basement, the site of many incredible foot jobs. I dutifully took my clothes off as directed by Jackie, and sat on cushions she had placed on the floor for me, with my legs under the sofa. Jackie sat above me and was about ready to touch me when she said, "Damn. I left the lotion upstairs." Jackie always used lotion when giving foot jobs as it made things nice and slippery. "Sit here for me and think of my toes on you." She continued, "I'll be right back with the lotion."

Jackie ran upstairs and shouted down, "I'll be right there."

The stairs were to my back as I sat there, excited to think of Jackie's beautiful bare feet on my hard shaft. I was lost in the thought of a fantastic foot job from my sexy girlfriend and still hard from thoughts of how she let me massage her friend, Debbie. Just at that moment, I heard soft, padding foot steps on the stairs. I was aware of someone standing behind me when I saw a leg come over my shoulder and felt the warmth of a soft, bare foot on my chest. When I looked up, it wasn't Jackie standing there, but it was Debbie! My heart skipped a beat and I couldn't react. What was happening didn't yet register and I made no move to cover myself. All I could manage was to say, "Debbie?"

"Hi Greg!" She said. "Relax and don't feel weird. Jackie told me all about what she does to you. It's OK. I think it's cool."

I started to try and get up but Debbie pushed me back down with her foot and said, "It's OK. Jackie knows I'm down here with you. She told me about the foot jobs she gives you. I have known you look at my feet too and she told me you always wondered what it would feel like if I had my feet on you. Greg, Jackie asked me if I would give you a foot job."

I was amazed and stunned at this revelation. I had never been so hard.

"I told her I would." Debbie said as she looked me directly in the eyes. "Right now!"

I could not believe this was happening to me. Debbie sat on the couch and crossed her legs, dangling her left foot over my hardness, her toes twitching slightly. "Greg. You wondered how it would feel to have my bare feet on you. Now, you will. I am about to give you a Foot Job and you will know what it's like to have my bare feet on you and have my toes wiggle on you until you cum."

By now my heart was beating faster than it ever had. Here, right in front of me, was a beautiful blonde with really hot feet, telling me she was about to give me a foot job! Just hearing her tell me about her "Bare Feet" and "Wiggling toes" sent me into another world. Just a short time ago I had watched in fascination as she polished her toes with a sexy red polish. Just before that I thought I had fulfilled a fantasy by actually massaging her feet, yet now, here she was, bare feet just above me, ready to gently place her soft feet on my hardness and undoubtedly make me cum with her toes.

Debbie wiggled and scrunched her toes above me and raised her feet to my face so I could see her soft soles and toes. The tips of her toes gently caressed my chest and stomach as she lowered her feet again. It tickled my stomach but in a very erotic way.

"We will need this." Debbie said as she pulled a small bottle of baby oil from her pocket. Debbie leaned forward and poured some of the oil onto my hardness. Just the feel of the trickling oil was amazing I thought as she capped the oil and sat there, dangling those perfect feet above me. I could see the toes and that sexy red polish just above me, moisture dripping from my straining manhood...never had I felt this sensation, this readiness to explode.

"Are you ready for this?" She asked. "When Jackie asked me to do this for you, I was happy to oblige. I'm not an expert like Jackie is, but I have fooled around with my feet after Jackie told me what she does to you. Now I can try it on you and see what you think of how well I give a foot job. I thought about how to do this and what's funny is that Jackie actually had me practice on a pillow last week. When you gave me the massage just a bit ago, I knew you were hard for my feet and I couldn't wait to do this. So now here we are."

Here we are, I thought, unable to speak.

"OK, Greg. Get ready because it's time. Sit back and just let yourself go. Here I go, here come my soft, bare feet."

With that, she slowly and softly lowered her left foot onto my shaft and the touch was electric! I felt the soft soles and sexy toes I had dreamed of, finally on my hardness. Her foot trembled and her toes twitched, slipping on the baby oil. "How does that feel?" She asked me

"Oh My God!" Is all that I had to offer.

"This is just the beginning," Debbie said "Now I will wiggle my toes slowly until you cum, just like Jackie told me to do. Ready? Here I go!"

Debbie started to wiggle her toes on my shaft, slowly at first, then a little faster. Her toes wiggled and danced on my well oiled manhood and I could see those red toes working magic on me. This was really happening. Debbie had her bare feet on me and was wiggling her toes on me, about to make me cum! I watched as she kept wiggling and squeezing her toes on me, the feel of her toes just below the head of my shaft and the feel of her soft arch on my shaft, moving up and down a little. Above all else, it was those now wildly dancing toes on me, at times brushing the head of my member. I felt myself swell beneath her toes, ready to cum.

"Go ahead and let go Greg, I'm going to make you cum with my feet! I can feel you are ready already. Think about it Greg, you have my bare feet on you. Look at them, look at my feet on you!" Debbie said as I knew I was about to let go. It hadn't taken long, maybe a couple of minutes or even less. God, I wanted it to last longer but I couldn't.

Debbie wiggled her toes harder and faster now and I felt the tips of the toes on her right foot gently skimming my balls. It was roo much to take. Right at that moment, under her well oiled, soft bare feet and wiggling toes, I let go. Wave after wave of pleasure wracked my body and I convulsed as a huge load of cum let forth from my unbelievably hard and pulsing shaft. Debbie's toes kept wiggling and her foot pumped my shaft and drained me of every drop of cum I had to offer. Finally she slowed and moved her feet to my stomach, Jackie having told her how sensitive I was to being tickled after a Foot Job. I looked down and saw that I was not dreaming and that indeed Debbie had given me the most intense Foot Job I ever dreamed of having.

"So?" Debbie asked. "How was it? Did you like the feel of my bare feet on you?"

"My God Debbie." I said. "I can't believe you did that to me! Yes, it was awesome! I can't believe Jackie let you."

"She did ask and I did do it, Greg. It's true. I just gave you a Foot Job. I want you to think of this when you get Foot Jobs from Jackie. Think of my bare feet on you when you see us doing our nails and don't be embarrassed by this either. This is normal and feet are sexy. Women know this and there is nothing wrong with wanting a good Foot Job. I enjoyed this and maybe I'll give you one again, just next time I'll take my time and make you suffer a bit."

I was spent and exhausted. Debbie got up as I cleaned myself up with tissue that was next to the couch and dressed myself, the heaviness of my still engorged member heavy in my pants. Debbie and I went upstairs and there was Jackie, sitting there with a big smile. "That was quick. So? How was it?" She asked us as Debbie sat in a kitchen chair and wiped the baby oil from her soles and toes.

Debbie spoke first, "It was quick but it was great. I loved doing that to him. I really made him explode quickly. It looked like he was really ready for you Jackie." They laughed.

"Maybe we'll have to do it to him together sometime, you know, your one foot on one side and mine on the other." Jackie said.

"I'd like to do that again if you are OK with it, Jackie." Debbie asked.

"Of course! I don't think Greg would mind...would you Greg?" Jackie asked me.

"Not at all." I replied.

"Well, I do have to go now." Debbie said as she slipped her sandals back on. "I can't wait to do that to you again Greg." She said as she walked out the door. "Maybe I'll get to try it on my boyfriend and I can tell you how it went."

"Thanks for doing that Debbie," Jackie said "I owe you one."

"I'm sure the time will come for you to pay it back." Debbie laughed. "See you soon!"

With that, Debbie walked out to her car and pulled away.

"So?" Jackie asked. "You enjoyed that, huh? Let me know when you are ready again and I'll give you another Foot Job, just so you can think about what just happened. You can also think about the next time, because there will be a next time, I promise you."

Needless to say, I could feel the swelling in my loins once again and knew what was coming. Jackie took me by the hand and started down the steps to the basement as she turned to me a said, "I hope Debbie left the baby oil, we're going to need it!"

Hope you all enjoyed this one. When I have time I will write the as of yet fiction of the payback.

Wrritten by IFlyFA18s

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