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Here is another Debbie Footjob story that I hope you all enjoy:

Debbie, my gorgeous wife of many years, has openly indulged my foot fetish and has pleasured me regularly with the most amazing footjobs. Her stunningly beautiful feet and sexy long toes (which are always beautifully pedicured and usually graced with a sexy toe ring and ankle bracelet) just add to her overall beauty. 5'10" slim and athletic with long blonde hair and amazing blue eyes, Debbie is a real head turner.

One evening we were sitting in our living room, relaxing and watching TV. Debbie had just finished giving herself a pedicure (something she did a couple of times a week to keep her feet looking sexy) with a nice, sexy, bright red nail polish. She knew that I had been stealing glances at her feet and had placed her bare feet in my lap and was occasionally brushing my crotch, which usually was quite firm when she pedicured herself in front of me. I knew that the evening would probably end with a footjob and I decided to ask her. As Debbie loves to give me footjobs on a pretty regular basis, she was very willing to fulfill my request and told me to meet her in the bedroom in about five minutes.

As requested, I walked into the bedroom several minutes later to find Debbie sitting on the bed wearing a sexy, short, black "teddy" and open toed, black slip on sandals. On the floor were several pillows against the wall.

"Sit!" she commanded. I complied, removing my clothing and exposing my very erect manhood.

I sat on the soft pillows and leaned comfortably against the wall as Debbie crossed her legs and began showing me her sexy feet. I watched as she dangled her shoes and wiggled her toes in her shoes.

"So. You asked for a Footjob tonight." Debbie said. "I like that. I LOVE to do this, you know."

"Yes." I answered. "You are just amazing at doing this."

"I know." Debbie replied. "I think this is very sexy and I do know I am good at it. I see what I do to you and I like it."

Debbie continued wiggling her toes for me and finally reached down to slip her shoes off and expose her soft soles to me. I saw the undersides of her feet and watched as she scrunched her feet and curled her toes.

"Soon, you will feel these bare feet on you." Debbie said. "You like my long toes, don't you?"

"Oh, God yes!" I said "You are so good at this."

"I know." She said. "I have experience. You liked when I told you about me having done this to Jackie's boyfriend years ago, didn't you?"

I nodded.

"Now you know that I really did that, don't you?" She continued.

Again I nodded.

"Can I ask you something?" Debbie said softly. "Does it bother you that I actually did do this to someone else? Did it hurt you to hear that I had these toes on someone else...that I wiggled my toes on another guy and made him cum? Seriously."

"I guess not." I said. "It's OK. That was then and this is now. It made me feel more normal about my preference."

"Good. It should." She told me. "It is very normal and as you know, many people do this, they just don't always talk about it. Can I ask you something else?"

"Sure." I said. "What?"

"Are you sure it doesn't bother you to think I did this before?" She said somewhat shyly.

"No. It's OK." I said. "Why?"

"Well, I have been afraid to tell you this but think I should tell you something." Debbie said. I noticed that Debbie had continued moving her toes and feet about near my swelling loins, the conversation about feet turning me on more than ever.

"Tell me." I encouraged her.

"Are you sure you want to hear this." She said as her left foot accidentally brushed my hardness, causing me to tense and gasp.

"Please." I begged, not sure why I was begging, but longing for the feel of those soft feet so close to me.

"OK, but don't be mad at me." She began. "What if I told you I had done this more than I had told you? What if I told you I had done it to another guy? Would you want to hear about it?" I was stunned by this revelation. I recalled when she admitted doing this to her best friend's boyfriend years back and again felt a strange excitement. Again I nodded.

"All right. You know I used to ride bikes a lot and used to hang out at that bike store near where I used to live. Well, Mike, the guy that owned it, was on the City bike committee with me and was an acquaintance. I used to go in there after most rides and one afternoon I stopped in after a metric century ride. You know, the 100 km rides we used to do? Anyway, I was hanging out with him in the back after he closed the shop and we were just talking about riding when I commented innocently that my feet were sore. Now, I had taken my shoes off and just had my little bike socks on when I commented how sore my feet were."

Somehow, I had an idea where this story was going and I felt myself moist with precum as I listened to Debbie, still holding her toes over me, and still occasionally rubbing her bare foot on my shaft.

She continued, "Mike offered to give me a foot massage. I first said no, partly because I didn't remember how if my nails were presentable, but he said he'd be happy to and that he was good at it. My feet were sore and I remembered that I had a pretty fresh pedicure, so I said yes, not thinking anything. So, I took my socks off and sat across from him, lifting my leg onto his lap. Anyway, he started massaging my feet and had some lotion nearby that he warmed with his hands and used on me. He did this for a while when I shifted and the side of my foot brushed against his c*#k, which was obviously very, very hard. I looked at him and saw that he was turning red and had started stuttering something about the bike ride. It dawned on me that he might have a foot fetish, so I pulled my foot back and held it up, wiggled my toes and said how good the massage felt. I then decided to ask him if he thought my feet were pretty. I saw he gulped as he looked at my foot and that he was shaking. I put my foot back in his lap and, sort of on purpose, let it fall right on his hard on as I looked him in the eyes. He didn't answer, so I knew what he was thinking. I don't know why, but I told him that I knew what he really wanted and I asked him to sit on the floor and take his pants off. He first just looked at me but I told him I knew he had a thing for my feet and that I wanted to let him feel them. So, he sat there, and I sat above him, just like I am sitting here above you. I saw his hard C*#K and put my foot gently on him and started to wiggle my toes on him. He obviously liked it because he came really fast and really hard. I kept wiggling because it kind of turned me on to see what I had just done to him. It was amazing and I think I realized how much I liked doing that to guys. I mean, I had done it to Jackie's boyfriend so it wasn't a big deal, but I didn't know how you'd feel to think that I had done this to another guy."

I was speechless once again. Despite this revelation, I was amazingly turned on to think of this. I stared at Debbie's sexy, tantalizing toes, dancing just inches from my raging hard on.

"Are you OK with that?" She asked. All I could do was swallow hard. Sensing that I was beyond words but seeing how turned on I no was, Debbie looked at me and said, "Let me show you what that was like. Look at my feet. Look at my toes. I want to put them on you. I want you to feel them on your hardness as I make you cum just like I did to Jackie's boyfriend and just like I did to the guy at the bike store." With that, Debbie dripped some baby oil on me and said, "Get ready to feel my bare feet on you. These toes are about to make you cum. Are you I go."

Debbie counted backward from ten. When she reached zero, she slowly dropped her left foot onto my shaft and started squeezing her toes on me. I watched her soft feet dance on my oiled manhood and felt as those talented toes stimulated the sensitive spot on my shaft. She wiggled her toes up and down my shaft, sometimes touching the tip of my swollen member.

"Oh, Yes!" She said. "You liked to hear that, didn't you? It turns you on to think of these feet on someone else. Well, it really happened. I made another guy cum with these feet, just like you are about to. Come on...let it go. Think of me doing this." Her toes now wiggling wildly, my C*#K swelling about ready to explode! "I did it to him other times, you know. I'll have to tell you about that another time." She further admitted.

That was too much to take. The swelling and excitement overcame me. I looked down at those sexy red toenails and felt those amazing feet, wiggling toes stroking my rock hardness. Right then under her soft, sexy soles and talented, long toes, I exploded, just like Jackie's boyfriend had and just like Mike had all those years ago. Wave after wave of pleasure wracked my body as she kept wiggling her toes on me.

"Keep cumming, Baby!" She said loudly, as I noticed she had slipped her hand between her own legs and was fingering herself furiously. I saw her body tense and felt her still wiggling toes curl even harder as she too came loudly, my manhood now milked of every last drop of cum I had...her fingers dripping with her own juices. Finally, she stopped, both of us left breathless my the encounter.

There was nothing to be said, for as deeply in love as we are...there was understanding that where we have been in life, brings us to where we are now...loving, committed and dedicated to pleasing each other in every way we can.

"I want to do this to you again tonight." Debbie said. "Leave the pillows there and let me know when I can make you cum again with my feet."

It was to be a night I will not forget!

Written by IFlyFA18s

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