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It had been several weeks since Debbie, the very sexy, tall, blonde babe that I knew from the city bike committee, had discovered my foot fetish. On that occasion, the feet that I had often fantasized about finally and surprisingly found their way onto me and fulfilled what I thought was the ultimate fantasy for a foot fetishist.

Not long after that, Debbie had asked me to stop at her friend's house to drop off a part for her bike, leading me to believe that she had broken the part while visiting her friend. Once again, I was shocked by the most amazing event when Debbie and Jackie both assaulted me in a very wonderful way with their feet in unison, narrowly missing the arrival of Jackie's boyfriend who I was told, was about to receive a dual Footjob as well. Debbie was very good at playing up the mental aspect of my fetish as was Jackie. Once again, I was of the false belief that I had seen and experienced it all.

Several weeks after that incident, Debbie and I had a planned meeting to discuss some issues facing finding for the new city bike paths and agreed to meet at her house. Arriving at her home in the evening, I found Debbie dressed in a pretty, short, black skirt with a white blouse and of course, some very sexy, high-heeled, black with white trim, ankle strap sandals. I could not help but notice that, as always, Debbie's long, sensuous toes were finished in a very sexy color, this time a medium red. On her left ankle was a shiny, gold ankle bracelet with a miniature, gold sandal charm. On the second toe of her left foot was a sexy, gold toe ring, wire design...slim and very sexy on that long toe that I had come to know so well.

Debbie and I sat comfortably and discussed business, all the while my stealing glances at her desirable feet, tantalizing me in those shoes. Debbie knew what she was doing as she rolled her ankle and flexed her toes in her shoes. After we finished meeting she suggested we drive near the new bike paths extension to see how it was progressing. I agreed. We rode about in Debbie convertible sports car for about half an hour when Debbie mentioned that she needed to stop by Jackie's house for a minute if I didn't mind. My heart skipped a beat. Of course I didn't mind. My mind raced at the memory of what happened during my only visit to Jackie's house and my loins quickly engorged as we pulled into Jackie's driveway.

Walking to the door, Jackie greeted us wearing a short, red dress and matching high-heeled slip-on sandals. Once again, I couldn't help but steal a look at Jackie's sexy feet, pedicured in the same red as Debbie. Oddly, Jackie was wearing the same gold, ankle bracelet and a gold band, toe-ring. I greeted Jackie and noticed that she laughed as I looked at her feet again. Entering the house, I suddenly noticed that another man sat in the living room, seeming to me to be as uncomfortable as I was with the sudden presence of another man.

"Mike." said Jackie. "This is my boyfriend, Greg. Greg, this is Debbie'e friend, Mike."

Greg and I exchanged handshakes and nervous glances. The girls stood together, obviously enjoying the moment they had created, laughing at us.

"Jeeze." Debbie said. "Look at those two. They don't know what to do all of a sudden."

"Yeah." Jackie laughed. "They don't know how to act for some reason. Any idea why Deb?"

"Well" Debbie answered with fake seriousness, "Maybe they have something on their minds?"

"Maybe." Replied Jackie.

"I know!" Exclaimed Debbie. "It could be that they both keep looking at our feet and may have noticed our pedicures. What do you think?"

Jackie giggled, unable to keep a straight face, "It is because the last time they were here individually, they both had a little experience with us, didn't they?"

I swallowed hard and noted that Greg did the same, both of us unable to speak and both of us shaking with a strange, nervous anticipation of the unknown.

Debbie looked at us. "Well, guys. It's no secret that you have foot fetishes. You both were told that Jackie and I have done each of you with our feet."

I interrupted, "I thought that was part of the excitement?"

"No, silly." Jackie said. "When I gave you a Footjob, Mike, we told you that Debbie was going to give Greg one with me. Did you think we were kidding?"

I didn't know what to say.

Greg spoke, "Jackie, that story was true?"

"Yes it was, sweetheart." Jackie replied. "Right before you arrived Mike had our feet on him. As a matter of fact, I made him cum with my feet. What do you think of that?"

Now Greg could not answer.

Debbie addressed me, "Mike, I saw that you stopped out front when you left here. You saw us take Greg downstairs. I did make him cum with my feet, didn't I Greg?"

Greg nodded nervously.

"Look guys." Jackie said. "Debbie and I have a proposition. You know we said that we wanted to have a little contest to see who was the most talented with their feet, remember?"

Debbie continued, "So, we decided that we would."

I was stunned. Debbie and Jackie conferred quietly and then Jackie stepped to Greg and Debbie to me.

Debbie leaned to me and whispered in my ear, "Come with me...I know what you want."

I stood as though I were thought controlled and followed Debbie to an upstairs bedroom, not knowing that Jackie was repeating the same whisper in Greg's ear. As we entered, the lights were off as Debbie commanded me to strip and sit on pillows as I had before. In the next room, Greg did the same for Jackie. It was then that I noticed coaches stop watch around Debbie neck. "This is to time you." She laughed.

Debbie sat above me and proceeded to cross her sexy legs above me, as I sat naked and very erect beneath her. Debbie reminded me of the previous visit where Jackie had allowed me to feel the warmth of her soft and flexible bare feet. She told me what she saw as Jackie's sexy toes brought me to climax and then proceeded to tell me what it was like for her to put her long, sensual toes on Greg's hardness not long after. As Debbie described this to me, she slowly unbuckled her left sandal and dangled the shoe off her long toes. She poured baby oil on my shaft and massaged me momentarily with her beautiful hand. Her shoe dropped off and her bare feet sat mere inches above my dripping manhood. Debbie wiggled her toes for me to see and gently caressed my C*&K with the tips of her toes, only to stop and look at me.

"Mike. I know you want these, don't you?" She said.

"Oh, Yes!" I pleaded.

"What about Jackie?" She asked. "Did you like her feet on you? Do you want to feel her again sometime?"

"God, yes!" I blurted.

With that, Debbie removed her foot from before me and replaced her shoe. She leaned over me, kissed me full on the lips for the first time, and gazed into my eyes. I was now burning with desire.

"Mike. I am going to make your wildest fantasy come true. Stay right here." With that, she left the room. Moments later, Jackie appeared.

"Hi, Mike." She said as she sat above me. "Do you know what is happening?"

I could only shake my head as she laughed a bit.

"Debbie and I are going to have a contest." She said as she crossed her legs and began slipping her shoe to where it dangled from her toes. "Right now, Debbie is sitting above Greg in the other room. At this very moment, she is telling him that I am here to give you a Footjob and she is there to put her bare feet on him and make him cum. We are going to see who can do it fastest. If all goes well, we might later see who give the best footjob."

I was stunned beyond belief when Debbie's voice filled the room, "Ready Jackie?" she said loudly.

"When you are!" She said, letting her shoe drop to the floor, her bare foot just barely above my throbbing shaft.

"OK!" Yelled Debbie. "Can you hear me Mike?"

I replied hoarsely, "Yes."

"Good, my bare foot is about to touch Greg's naked and very hard C*#K!" She said.

"Greg?" Yelled Jackie. "Mike is about to feel my toes on his big C*#K. Do you understand?"

His voice replied weakly, "OK."

With that, Debbie counted, "Ten!"

Jackie replied, "Nine!"

The exchange continued until the count of one. Then, finally, I felt Jackie's perfect size five bare feet, touched my engorged C*#K. I watched those perfect little red toes with the gold toe-ring, start to wiggle on my shaft with a fervor that I had never experienced. I moaned loudly as Jackie's toes wiggled hard on my shaft, sliding about on the baby oil, crushing the head of my C*#K under her strong little toes, amazingly flexible. I heard Debbie yell, "Cum on Greg!"

The thought of her long toes, sliding about on him was beyond belief. A mix of jealously and excitement filled my mind. I swelled as Jackie encouraged me to let go. I heard a moan from the hallway and heard Greg scream, "OH, GOD!!!" and listened as he grunted loudly. Debbie laughed from the other room and yelled out, "Oh, Yeah! Look at that cum shot! You like these toes on you!"

I knew that Debbie's long toes and soft feet were more than any man could take and I knew that at that moment, in the other room, Greg, the other man, was feeling my Debbie's feet pleasing him. That thought, combined with the wild wiggling of Jackie's strong toes on me was all I could take and I let it all go. Wave after wave of pleasure shot through my body, the pulsing from my shaft simply amazing!

I watched as Jackie kept wiggling slowly, my hardness not subsiding. I knew that Debbie was doing the same. For many minutes, this kept on, until every last drop of cum was expended from each of us by the other's lady.

I could have drifted off to sleep right there, but didn't. It took some time for me to gather the energy to clean up and dress myself, returning to the living room where the girls had met, giggling. There was so much more to speak of, but Greg and I sat silently, the girls already talking about a rematch and how it felt to "do" each others men so openly in front of us. I saw Debbie's toes still glistening from the oil she used on Greg, as she whispered to me that she wanted to take me home and make me cum again, just us, alone. I agreed and knew that there would be more times ahead to feel both sets of tantalizing feet. The thought of her sexy bare feet and amazing toes dancing on another man not far from my mind, knowing how it felt as I too had experienced the same with Jackie's strong and flexible toes. Indeed there was much more to come.

That thought filled my mind as we left and drove back to Debbie's, where I was to experience a very long and sensual Footjob from Debbie that night, her desire to allow me a long and fulfilling experience evident after the intensity of the fast-as-lightening Footjob given to me by Jackie. All the while, my kind knowing that those sexy, long, soft toes, perfectly pedicured in red and adorned with gold anklet and toe ring, still glistened with the remnants of baby oil she used to seduce and ultimately win the Footjob contest, proving the superiority of her soft feet and long, dexterous and experienced toes. The Footjob from Debbie that night was like none I would ever have. Longer, more sensual and intense than anything I would ever experience. In the end, everyone won "the contest," but Debbie's feet proved the most irresistible.

Written by IFlyFA18s

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