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Here is the latest installment of Debbie and Jackie. You guys wanted more from another guys perspective, so here it is! Enjoy!

I had received a call at my store from Debbie earlier in the day, the sexy, tall blonde with a killer body and the most incredible legs and amazing feet I had ever seen. Debbie, who was an avid bicyclist and member of the city bike committee with me, shocked me on another occasion when she came to visit my store after hours and ended up giving me an intense Footjob after I started massaging her feet. Ever since that time, my heart skipped a beat everytime I heard her sweet voice or saw her. Since the Footjob incident, I could swear she had been teasing me by wearing open shoes to the meetings and dangling her shoes off her toes driving me crazy.

On this day, Debbie had asked a favor of me. Debbie told me that she had broken a reflector off of her bike and needed a replacement. As it was getting dark, Debbie asked if I would mind dropping the reflector off on my way home as I had to pass by her friend's house on the way. I guess she had been riding with her friend and didn't want to ride home without the reflector, so I agreed.

I easily found the address and walked to the door and knocked. Debbie answered the door wearing not her bike shorts, but rather a sexy turquoise bikini. As she greeted me with a huge smile and a hug I couldn't help but notice her sexy bare feet with what looked like a fresh, red pedicure. Debbie asked me in and immediately introduced me to her friend Jackie, a stunning little dirty blonde with an amazing body and big smile. Jackie was also wearing a bikini, hers in white, offsetting her perfect, dark tan. I couldn't help but steal a glance at Jackie's feet as well. I was not disappointed. Her smaller feet were also perfectly pedicured in a hot pink that made me stare longer than I wanted to at her nicely proportioned toes.

I broke the moment, "I have that part for you Deb."

"Cool." She replied. "I took my bike downstairs to Jackie's basement. That's where her Dad keeps his tools. Can you maybe put it on for me?"

"Sure." I answered.

Debbie giggled and started downstairs and I followed with Jackie behind me. As we entered the basement, I noticed not a workshop, but a basement bedroom complete with television, lounge chair, couch and bed.

"Where's the bike?" I asked, momentarily confused. I looked to Debbie and then Jackie, accidentally stealing yet another glance at their bare feet and sexy toes.

"You weren't kidding!" Jackie said. "He really does stare at feet."

I flushed with embarrassment.

"Actually, Mike." Debbie answered. "My bike is fine. What I really wanted to do was to bring you here and have you meet Jackie. See, Jackie is my best friend and we talk about everything with each other."

"Yeah." Jackie laughed. "Everything! I know why you stare at feet and when I heard, I had to meet you."

I was too stunned to answer.

"It's OK, Mike." Debbie said. "See, Jackie and I happen to know that our feet are sexy and that men look at feet in a sexual way. I also know, as you found out, what I can do with my feet and what power they have over men."

"Debbie did me a favor and gave my boyfriend a Footjob just like she did to you, Mike." Jackie continued. "I thought it only fair that I return the favor to her. When I heard about you, I figured you might not mind."

"Girls," I said. "I'm not sure..."

"Stop right there." Debbie said. "I don't want excuses or comments. I just want to see Jackie give you a Footjob. So, take your pants off sit on those pillows so we can do this."

"We just gave ourselves fresh pedicures, Mike." Jackie teased. "You don't want that to go to waste, do you?"

"Uh, No. I guess not." I stammered.

"OK then. Let's do this." Debbie said, pointing to the pillows set up in front of the couch.

I did as ordered and dropped my pants to reveal my already very hard C*#K.

"Damn!" Jackie exclaimed. "He IS big!" As I sat on the floor.

"OK, Mike." Debbie said. "Here is the deal. I want to take a long time and make you suffer, but; Jackie's boyfriend is coming over soon and I want to finish this before he gets here. So this Footjob will be quick and intense. Can you handle that?"

Debbie and Jackie sat above me, side by side, already massaging baby oil into their perfect peds. I watched as their soles glistened and they wiggles their toes so close to me.

"See, Mike." Jackie said. "Debbie and I are planning to give my boyfriend a very, very long, slow, Footjob when he gets here. You are the opening act for us." She laughed.

Before I could respond, I felt Debbie drop her left foot onto the right side of my throbbing shaft, while Jackie's soft bare right foot pressed hard onto the let side of my member. I looked down and saw both girls bare feet on me, momentarily still. The sight of those perfectly and freshly pedicured toes was almost enough to make me cum right there.

"Are you ready, Mike?" They asked in unison, as though it was rehearsed. "Are you ready to feel our toes make you cum? You want these bare feet on you, huh? Well, just think. In a few minutes you are going to cum under our toes. Just think of that. Can you feel our feet, Mike?"

With that, they twitched their toes and the sensation began. Slowly at first, then faster and faster. Debbie's toes and Jackie's toes wiggling in unison. Coordinating the pulses that I felt with each movement, toes sliding on my well oiled C*#K. Pedicured toes working magic on my engorged manhood.

"Think of it, Mike." Jackie said, looking at me. "When you leave, my boyfriend will have Debbie's toes on him. Does that turn you on? Do you like to think that her toes will be on another man later on? The toes that you lust after?"

I could only moan as I watched Debbie removed her foot from me and Jackie shifted position so her flexible foot was solidly on me, now wiggling faster on the oil.

"Mike." Debbie said. "I am not going to finish this Footjob. I am saving my energy for Jackie's boyfriend. After you have to go so I can make him cum with these feet."

She held her foot near my face and then placed on foot on my face, scrunching her toes on my nose and then lifting her foot so I could look at it. All the while, I felt Jackie's toes bringing me to climax. Debbie flexed her foot, now standing above me, showing me her sole and wiggling her toes in the air.

"This is going to be on someone else in a bit." She teased. "Look at these feet and know that you can't have them right now."

I moaned again as Jackie said, "Feel my feet, Mike. Feel me on your huge C*#K! My bare feet are on you. My toes are going to make you cum! Think of it. Think of my toes on you now. Think of Debbie's long toes and soft bare feet on my man! Yeah, baby. Think of that and cum for me. I promise to do this again."

With that, I stole a look at Jackie's toes dancing on my shaft and again looked up at Debbie, teasing me with her bare foot in my face. I couldn't decide where to look. The feeling of Jackie's toes, so new to me...a girl I had just met less than fifteen minutes ago...feet I had just seen for the first time were on me, making me cum.

I exploded in a torrent of hot cum that shot up and onto Jackie's other foot, which had worked it's way up to my naked stomach, and onto Debbie's teasing sole, held just above my chest. I continued convulsing as Debbie rubbed my cum on the top of Jackie's foot, toes still wiggling.

Finally, they stopped and I was breathless on the floor. I had no choice but to clean up quickly. Debbie and Jackie laughing and still telling me that they had to clean up so they could be ready for Jackie's boyfriend.

"We will do this again, Mike." Jackie said.

"Yeah, but longer and much slower." Debbie added. "Maybe next time you will be the second guy we make cum."

"Better yet." Jackie suggested. "Maybe we can have a little contest and see if I do Mike and you do my boyfriend, who can make them explode faster."

That comment put a lump in my throat as I left. Just after I pulled out of the driveway, I saw as Debbie's boy friend pulled in. I sat across the street for a few moments and watched as he walked in. Through the shears, I could see as three figures walked to the basement door and disappeared. I knew a few minutes later, the ecstasy that he was undoubtedly just starting to experience and I felt as my loins surged from the thought of Debbie's long, sexy, red polished toes most likely now slipping about on this lucky man's steely shaft. A feeling I was denied but where I found satisfaction under the bare feet of Jackie. I could not wait until it happened again...and it would!

Written by IFlyFA18s

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