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At first I want to say sorry, because my english isn't the best, but I'll try to let you understand my story which happend last week (April 2006).

It's 100% real and my heart is bumpin like 160bpm when I'm thinking about it....

Okay let's start:

I was surfin in the internet like every Sunday evening and just checking out some nice girls on a german flirt-community site..
I mailed a girl, I would say her lookout was average, but there was some kinky sparkle in her eyes.
She replied my mail so we exchanged our MSN-Messenger address and the standard converstation starts like how old, what are you doing bla bla bla...

I started to get bored so I asked for some pictures... she said that she only has a webcam.
I told her to switch it on, so she did...
She looks really great...I asked her to show me her feet and she was like "okay"....she did it without any questions...THAT MADE ME SO HARD you can not imagine.
She showed them from every view and asked me if I like them...I told her "yes, I would even drive to you now to give them a massge" (it was about 10-11pm, so It was like jocking)...... she told me: Okay, why not......
I was looking like that: :eek :eek :eek

At this moment I was allready hard like stone and asked her for her adress while I was feeling my heart bumping like crazy !!!

She gave me her first I thought "okay, maybe its a wrong adress but give it a try..... I would even walk to her to get some feet :D "

I arrived at her house after 20 Minutes, It wasnt far...
She was very thin but I liked it and I was glad that she didnt give me a wrong adress.

So we went up to her apparment and started to chat a little.
After 30-40 Minutes I asked her If I should give her a massage (her back).....she told me "yeah okay"
So she was sitting with her back towards my face between my legs (hard to explain but I hope you know what I mean) I gave her back a massage.
She still had her shoes on and I wanted to see them little feet but I thought "okay, take your time...."

So after 10 Minutes we began to kiss and touching and rubbin and so on...but she told me that she doesnt want sex at the first date and I was like >: (I was thinking: You @#%$ bitch, I drove through nite and fog only to fu*k your @#%$ and now you are saying no?)

But I said "Hey its okay, we have every time of the world" :D
She said "Thats cool, I was allready afraid that I made you too hot with the cam-action I gave you"

I said no its okay....I just like feet (understate :D )
She smiled.....
So I asked her If I could give her a foot first the said "I dont know, Isn't this too much for the first date? I told her: Hey, Its only a massage ?"

She said: "Okay, you are right"

She bend to her feet and pulled of her shoes.... I saw her small feet... It was 38 european size, just perfect !!

She asked me "barefeet"? ............
I told her "yes"............she said "I'm freezing a little, I will warm them under your legs"..I said okay okay..
She took off her socks and I was thinking "OH !:..MY!...:GOOOOOOD!"....I have seen a lot of feet on the internet and even live, but this feet was INCREDIBLE !! small....without polish and very very clean...

She put them unter my legs and I warmed them a little....I massaged her calves while I told her that I have a foot fetish.... she was smiling and said "Do you think I didnt recognized it?.....

Okay, now the action starts:
I took her feet. laid it on my lap and gave them a massage.
She was smiling and I got harder and harder and harder..
I took her left foot and pulled it slowly to my lips while I looked in her eyes...she was biting her left side of her lip a little and looked very kinky....
I kissed the feet from the top to the toes...very very slowly... during the kisses I licked the feet a little and continued after it with kissing. I did this about 5 minutes, with both feet.

I took her right feet and sucked at her toes....they where smelling a little couze she had Nikes on, but It was nice !
Usually I dont like this smell but at this time it was only NICE !
I sucked them and put her other feet on my face...I was incredible...
She recognized that I'M hard and she massaged my di*k while I put her whole little foot into my mouth.
I pulled her left feet to my di*ck....she massaged it now with her feet....I was feeling like in heaven guys !!!
She was rubbing her nice little feet on my long and hard di*ck like about 8 Minutes through the pants....
I took off the pants and the underwear and sit back on the I took her left feet and put It on my balls...she was tickling them with her sweet toes... I rubbed my di*ck while I had her other feet in my mouth which I sucked like crazy !! hehe

I took her feet to my chest and liked the inside of her soles so that they are a little wet.
I put the soles together, and sticked my hard dick between them...It was amazing....she was giving me a footjob I never had before ! She was sucking my finger while she gave me the footjob and I was wondering If she could give me a blowjob while she gives me this fantastic footjob...This would be heaven on hearth...
I asked her....she said "I'll try.....AND SHE DID IT....OMG....
she was massaging my di*k with her pretty feet AND sucking my dick at the same time....
I was about to come, that was too much for me...I stood up and she told me she wants my cum on her little sweet titts ...I asked her "titts and feet?" she was smilling and said. "okay my little feet-fetish you" hehe...So I had her big toe in my mouth while I jerk off on her titts and the other half of my cum went on her pretty feet....AMAZING.

She was smilling and I carried her to the bathroom so that I can clean her feet....wonderfull....

This was one of my "TOP 10" Orgasm....

Written by Chalid

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